The Whole 30 Challenge Week 2: The Boredom

So as many of you know I’ve been dong the whole 30 challenge. We are now at the halfway point. Who thought we would make it here? Not me every day but we are here nonetheless. The first part of my journey was all about cravings, and being depressed. Now a lot of that awfulness has passed but I’m also pretty bored of variation of eggs and baked chicken.

Here is what I have learned this week.

I will not ever suffer from scurvy because I eat like a 4 lb bag of oranges in 2 days.

The Simpsons food episode 10 upset season 16


Mary (my young sister) is a better chef than me. I spent my whole life thinking she was the ultimate sous chef but it turns out she knows how much cayenne pepper to put on things and remembers to turn off the oven.

Image result for amy schumer sauced


I feel like I’m colder a lot more of the time now. That might be just winter but these are my observations.

Saturday Night Live snl cold kate mckinnon freezing


Fun Bonus Segment!

Gym Bummers!

As the whole 30 keeps on moving, so does the gym time. I’m by no means new to the gym but I feel like as I’m journaling this whole thing I’m making more notes on my surroundings and here are the people who are the most annoying at the gym.

  1. Senior Citizen jibber jabber. I know I know it’s insensitive and it’s not that I don’t want elderly people at the gym. However sometimes they will stand in high-profile places like where you need to swipe your card  or in front of the place where you fill your water bottle and they are just talking to one of their peers about something you will never be able to decipher because you zoned out immediately.

funny movies kids bored twins


2. Locker room lingerers are a thing. There are some people who just love being naked and will use all of their powers to delay getting dressed. They will pace around and ask a loose acquaintance how their kid is doing in school, make small talk with the staff stocking towels all to just remain nude. Like just get dressed you know? Also they never seem to want to move their bag off the bench for you in fear if they touch the bag their clothes will jump on them without asking.

Image result for date night put on a shirt


3. Kids! I apologize to a lot of you because I know many of you are parents that will read this blog (bless you for that by the way) and just remember it’s not your kids personally that are making me crazy. It’s not even kids in general but some people feel the need to let their children run on the track without them  and in the wrong direction. Also some dads feel the need to bring their young kids in the locker room and I just don’t want to strip in front of your child when at the YMCA you literally have your own family locker room. Just do us all a favor and go one more door down.

mrs krabappel


4. Protein dudes. We all know them, and they are the worst. Making their weird potions and constantly telling you but not telling you directly about how much they’re taking, their lifting schedule, and how they barely even do cardio now.



5. People who take the treadmill right next to you when there are plenty open. It’s almost as bad as taking the urinal right next to me when you got other options.

Patrick Stewart hello bathroom son blunt talk


Even more bonus. Now that I’m not drinking Diet Coke I’m trying all of the Lacroix flavors I can and here are my top 3 and bottom 3 choices.

Bottom 3

  1. Coconut:I don’t feel like I want to taste sun tan lotion that has been carbonated.
  2. Lime: It’s a seltzer water with lime and no gin. No sale.
  3. Orange: Just such a bummer because it’s not Sunkist but also just way too mild.

Top 3

  1. Strawberry Pineapple: you gotta schlep to Target but it’s worth it
  2. Passionfruit: Thank you Anna-Marie Jenks for that introduction
  3. Grapefruit: a bronze medal at best

Top 3 things I miss right now

  1. Club sandwiches
  2. Quesadillas
  3. Harmony’s Grapefruit Moon (that could be inspired by the Lacroix)

Special shout out to my MFB folks. Everyone checks in a lot and wants to know how it is and asks questions which I think is cool. I appreciate the support and accountability especially when a nurse who shall remain nameless tried to bust me for putting cream in my coffee but it was just coconut milk.

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