Excerpt From My 2003 Journal With Footnotes From 2017

Journal except from my 2003 journal with footnotes from 2017


September 29, 2003 (Age 14)


Yeesh busy week…[1]Tomorrow I have to record Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill both are quality shows.[2] Wednesdays and Thursdays I have half days and on Wednesday I’m working at Carol’s with Beau.[3] I could use the money. Thursday I’m going to Sheely’s to watch Now&Then and Degrassi season premiere is on Friday. [4] Saturday is the JDRF walk and on Sunday I’m setting up a phone jack so the computer will be in my room. [5] I really need to get the PS2 back in my room.[6] I love playing Final Fantasy X and I can’t wait to beat it! [7] This diet thing is going so bad by the way it’s so hard to stick with it.[8]   




[1] I’m already annoyed.

[2] Ahhh Tuesdays on The WB will always hold a special place in my heart.

[3] Carol is still my parent’s neighbor and Beau is my brother who is a carpenter for those who aren’t in the know.

[4] So far most of my plans are based around television for this “busy week”

[5] A few years later after that I will get a mini fridge and will live out of my introverted dreams.

[6] Man….check your privilege Robin Dine.

[7] Have since beat it and am currently working on the HD remaster.

[8] Oh you sweet naive fool. It will only get worse.



Down below is a picture from my 14th birthday just so everyone knows where we are at in life. Thanks Lindsey Duvall for doing my hair, I still haven’t totally figured out what I’m doing.

Lindsay Duvall