An Excerpt From My 2002 Journal (with footnotes from 2017)

So when I was reading Amy Schumer’s The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo this was a tool she would frequently use throughout her book and I thought it would be fun to try on my own. My parents are retired and working on purging their house so I’ve had to claim a lot of my childhood crap including my journals. Yes I was a young closeted gay boy who wrote in a journal because it was the early 00s and I had a lot of feels.


January 17th, 2002

Okay this the worst week. Omg first I have 2 projects due and one done and I’m starting one next week plus exams this week.[1] Plus exams this week during my math exam I got low and it sux. [2] It’s Lindsey’s birthday and I didn’t get her anything because she has been treating me like dirt lately. [3] I start gym and computer next week and the only good thing is no more Mr. Raymer and no more wood tech and asshole 8th graders. [4]

There is a new episode of Charmed and new Friends tonight.[5] They find of out the sex of Rachel’s baby is tonight and I hope it’s a girl. [6]


The Next Day….

It’s a girl on Friends [7] Right now I’ve decided to this summer I want a Homer Simpson attitude I want to be lazy but not dull and be exciting but also effortless. [8] I had my gym orientation and it doesn’t seem that bad but computer does suck and I don’t want to go[9]

-Rob Dine

[1] I mean it’s not exactly an episode of Degrassi level panic.

[2] I’m assuming I mean a low blood sugar and that is how I spelled “sucks” in the journal. #AOL

[3] Oh man now we are spilling the tea Also I still remember Lindsey’s Birthday is January 18th. Sorry girl no ill will in 2017.

[4] I remember having a lot of anxiety about gym, and with wood tech the semester before it wasn’t the easiest place to be closeted. I also remember I was in Mr. Raymor’s class when 9/11 happened.

[5] Must be Thursday

[6] I won’t spoil anything for people living under a rock.

[7] Spoiler alert

[8] Real talk: this is still my aspiration and I completely forgot its origin. Also even in 2002 the main thing I seem to care about is television.

[9] It turns out Mr. McNally was a huge prick but I wouldn’t be typing this blog if he hadn’t scared me into learning home row.

For you die-hard fans out there, here is a picture of me on NYE going into 2002 and where I made the resolution to start jounaling. I hope that blows your mind. Also don’t worry it’s just kids champagne and those are just terrible frosted tips.

2002 kid