My Top 5 Christmas Television Episodes

Obviously there are many great Christmas tv episodes but these are my picks for episodes.


5. Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Christmas Amnesia

Image result for sabrina the teenage witch episode christmas amnesia

Plot: Well Sabrina is having at attitude about spending time with her aunts for Christmas which upon rewatching I’m really noticing her sour attitude is a reoccurring problem. She goes to an Other Realm party with a bunch of other haters and she accidentally erases Christmas in a hissy fit. She spends the rest of the episode trying to remind everyone around her what Christmas is, but it doesn’t work. She eventually spends some quality time with her aunts and once she genuinely is having a good time Christmas reappears.

What makes it good: It’s early classic Sabrina and they actually have quite a bit of Christmas episodes.It’s weirdly kind of funny and it is sentimental with how she actually feels real remorse for getting rid of Christmas.

Where to watch: Hulu


4. Family Guy: The Road To The North Pole

Image result for family guy the road to the north pole

Plot: Stewie feels screwed over by Santa Claus and decides to journey to the North Pole to assassinate him. They end up realizing he is overworked and take over for the night. It’s a classic Brian and Stewie adventure episode.

What makes it good: Actually not that much, I feel like I stand alone in liking this episode. However it’s really funny and although a little dark I still appreciate it.

Where to watch: Netflix


3. The Office: Christmas Party Image result for the office christmas party season 2

Plot: It’s the Dunder Mifflin annual Christmas party. Jim buys an adorable secret santa present for Pam before they are together. Michael has a large Christmas bonus that he uses to get everyone wasted after ruining white elephant.

What makes it good: The Office has so many great Christmas episodes but Jim and Pam’s adorable will they won’t they preciousness puts this over the top. The teapot and the homemade oven mitt are also gems of this episode.

Where to watch: Netflix


2. The Simpsons: Miracle Of Evergreen Terrance

Image result for miracle on evergreen terrace

Plot: After a successful scheme to wake up early up to open his presents before the family Bart accidentally sets the tree and presents on fire. Bart hides the evidence and tells his family he saw a burglar steal Christmas. The town chips in to help with their loss but Bart’s guilt about his lie continues to amplify. Bart confesses to his family and then the town learns the truth too and the Simpsons become outcasts . Eventually the town evens the score and the family makes up.

What makes it good: Any episode where we see the softer side of Bart is always touching. His guilty confession to his family is very sincere. The moment at the end where the family realizes having each other is all they need for Christmas is classic 90’s cheesiness. Also it’s our introduction to the orphans Patches and Poor Violet  the latter whom is where I got my cat’s name.

Where to watch: DVD or illegal download (officially does not condone the downloading of illegal material).


1.Community: Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas

Image result for abed's uncontrollable christmas

Plot: Abed has a nervous breakdown where his sees the whole world in stop motion (not claymation) and the group begins to worry. They set him up in therapy with Duncan (John Oliver) and it takes them all on an adventure in his mind’s  personal winter wonderland. Each member gets their loyalty tested Willy Wonka style. Eventually we learn Abed’s mother issues are the cause of his Christmas breakdown. The group all steps in to support him and bring him back to reality.

What makes it great: The animation is great. The singing is real precious and the emotion and gravity behind Abed’s breakdown is very well presented. Abed’s ejection song to Britta about not supporting his fantasy is heartbreaking. The group coming together to sing and watch Rudolph with Abed is going to cause me to well up every time.

Where to watch: Hulu

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