3 Times That Parks And Rec Had A Crystal Ball

Okay, okay not like a crystal ball but at least some fun coincidences. Beware of spoilers if you are just now binging this show, and if you are then you are on an incredible journey.

Example 1: In Season 2 episode 13 “The Set Up” Leslie goes on a blind date with an MRI Tech (played by none other than her then real life husband Will Arnett). On the date he gives her an MRI and while examining her body in the machine he compliments her uterus saying that right off the bat she could have triplets.

And then in Season 6 episode 20 “1 in 8,000”  Leslie does indeed find out she is pregnant with triplets.

Bam! That’s a good prediction on you one time character Will Arnett.

Then in season 2 episode 16 “Galentine’s Day” Leslie is talking to the camera going on about soulmates and talking about getting Romeo and Juliet back together and then mentions getting Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together. She then mentions she wants Jen to be happy and for her to stay away from John Mayer.

But wait! Who is that playing Leslie’s love interest in this episode? It’s Justin Theroux!

Who is Jennifer Aniston’s real life soulmate! (they recently got married for those of you who live under a rock or are too good for television).

So Leslie wished happiness for Jen (in 2010 but whatever) and it finally happened.

The last coincidence (and in all honesty perhaps the weakest) in season 2 episode 17 “Woman of The Year” Ron wins the award “Woman of The Year” much to Leslie’s dismay and while she is talking about a camp she founded called “Camp Athena” he repeatedly calls it “Camp Xena” in reference to Xena: Warrior Princess.

Twist! In season 5 Ron begins to date a woman named Diane (whom he eventually marries and has a child with) who is played by Lucy Lawless aka Xena Warrior Princess.

So I mean it’s not going to save the world or anything but still fun I hope!

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