How Bike&Build Is Kind Of Like Prison

Before I go into this, I feel like I need to mention that Bike&Build is an amazing program and I had nothing but a rewarding experience with them but political correctness aside, let’s hear some jokes.

1.You wake up at a regimented time. Lights come on, loud music is playing and you have a militant 30 minutes to get your shit together. No one is talking much at what is usually an ungodly hour, while they pack their bags and get dressed. There is no snooze button in Bike&Build.

2. You eat all your meals together, often standing in a cafeteria style buffet line, or on the side of the road like a road side clean up crew.

3. We do community service.

4. . When people have free time, they spend it writing letters to loved ones, taking naps,reading, and working out (push ups for every mile we did that day, I never did that, but like, sidenote: wtf was that all about?).

5. You have to engage in awkward communal showers and deal with everyone seeing you naked on the daily.

6. Let’s call out the harsh truth: people hook up. Not only do they hook up, but they hook up in weird places.

7. There are cliques. Bike&Build is a family, but little subcommittees do happen. Faster riders, slower riders, party crowds, couples, hippies, smarties, regional friends, older vs younger crowd, etc.

8. You spend too much time together and know everything about everyone’s hygiene, bowels, and eating habits.

9. Even though you don’t want to leave, you are very aware of how much time you have left.

10. Best of all, they are your family away from your family.

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