Diabetes Not Criabetes: What Being A Type 1 Diabetic Has Meant To Me

So I recently obtained a new insulin pump which has led to me having to have more conversations about my type 1 diabetes and even though I’ve been diabetic since 1999, I feel like every couple of years I need to refresh the topic.

First of all I have learned that so few people actually understand diabetes.

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Upon learning this information people will tell you that their grandparent is also diabetic.

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Or they will give you this sympathetic look.

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Because of the growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes in this country, and I’m because I’m chubby many people will assume that I caused my own diabetes.

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I’m always thirsty even when my blood sugar is good.

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And I don’t care how much you warn me about aspartame. I need Diet Coke, juice has too much sugar, as does milk, lemonade and Gatorade. We deserve one carbohydrate free drink with flavor.

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I have developed a very complicated relationship with sugar where it’s my natural enemy but it also has saved my ass many times.

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I always have to be prepared with a bag of supplies usually containing extra insulin, an extra infusion set, low blood sugar fix (my personal go to is starbursts) and my glucometer.

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I’m so good at counting carbs now.

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I’ve needed prescriptions since the age of 9 so I walk into my pharmacy like a boss.

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My mood is very effected by blood sugars, and I tend to be a little lethargic when it’s high and little irritable when it’s low.

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High blood sugar

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Low blood sugar

I feel like I pee more than normal people

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Excercise is also very complicated because it can dramatically lower your blood sugar so I often have to eat before and after which can feel counterintuitive.

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Wearing a pump is fashionably awkward, you never get to sleep naked, and you have to fit in on formal wear and in the early 00’s people assumed it was a beeper.

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Everyone once is awhile you get smug when someone is complaining about a cold or some shit and you’re like “well I have a serious chronic illness, there is like a walk and everything”

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I’ve gotten really used to looking shady af with all my syringes in my bathroom cupboard.

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Traveling sucks, packing weird supplies that if you forget you are straight up screwed and the TSA does not like your pump or bag because it’s full of needles.

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And mostly I have learned is that you will have the most conflicted feelings about Steel Magnolias. 

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One comment

  1. Mary · September 6, 2016

    I’m so glad to know you! I love your sense of humor. I LOVE all the references in this blog!! I think all that know you are very blessed because you are an AMAZING person!! Diabetes is NOT your identity! Even if you were a criabetic, you would still have a fabulous fan club!!!


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