How I Would Cast The New Archie Series

Growing up reading Archie Comics and having Josie and The Pussycats as one of my favorite movies I feel like I need this new series to be handled delicatley. I know they are already cast for the series but it’s always fun to decide who  you would love to see play these parts. I also feel like in my head I know they are in comics they are high schoolers but I think of them as twenty something townies in this series.


Archie Andrews: Josh Hutcherson

I feel like Josh can pull off the “I’m super desirble but why?” aspect that is necessary of Archie. Also Hunger Games is over and that kid is going to need a buck.

Veronica Lodge: Nina Dobrev

I’ve never been a huge Nina fan but she is beautiful and seems like she could play a bitch and she seems like someone who could hit comedic cues when needed

Reggie Mantle: Tom Maden

He’s hot and mean with a michevous grin, all Reggie.

Betty Cooper: Sasha Pieterese

I think it’s time to see her play somebody sweet.

Jughead Jones: John Karna

Kid has a stoner face.

Dilton Doiley: Brendan Robinson

Image result for Brendan Robinson gifImage result for dilton archie comics

They have the same haircut, and are so pasty.

Josie McCoy: Emma Stone

I think Josie is supposed to be a little older, and Emma is a long shot but she would be fun as a rockstar who solves crimes.

Melody Valentine: Ashley Benson

Cute, blonde, and likealbe. #sugarandspice

Valerie Brown: Amber Riley

Time to get someone who can sing and is a normal body type in this group

Cheryl Blossom: Bella Thorne

Look at that jail bait swagger.

Sabrina Spellman: Chloe Grace Mortez

One can dream

Harvey Kinkle: Beau Mirchoff

Eh? He’s from the show Awkward on MTV. He’ll do fine.

Moose Mason: Sinqua Walls

Let’s diversify, this kid could play a jock

Midge Klump: Chloe Bridges

Donna LaDonna for the win!

Ethel Muggs: Ashley Finke

I already like this version of Ethel more

Kevin Keller: Colton Haynes

He’s gay, Kevin is gay and they are both cute af.

Mr. Lodge: John Slattery

Veronica’s dad always seemed older than other parents, like she has a “sister” who turns out to really be her mom.

Mr. Weatherbee: Horatio Sanz

Yasss kween

Miss Grundy: Catherine O’Hara

Iconic and a Dine family favorite. Also why is still “Miss” at her age?

Pop Tate: John Goodman

He still looks like all he eats is Pop Tates


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