The Drunkest 10 Years Of My Life: An Ode To 10 Years With Victoria Frederick

It’s my long time friend/roommate’s birthday and we also met now officially ten years ago. So I thought paying proper tribute was necessary.

Victoria and I met in the fall of 2007 (you remember that time? Britney had a shaved head and we thought George Bush was going to be the biggest problem in politics). We both attended Western Michigan University and lived in freshman housing affectionately called “The Valleys”. I lived in Valley 1 and Victoria lived on top on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Valley 2. Despite our elevation differences we still met through a mutual friend.

Halloween was one of first outings together. Victoria dressed as a cat which I would come to learn would not be the first time she will do that costume. Some guy starting hooting at her and I totally left her hanging because she was basically a stranger and I was 18 years old making me the worst.

She quickly looked past my cowardice and we began to bond over our mutual love of The Office and talking shit about people in the dorm.  Thus begins the time line of our friendship.

I was just like to add that for a good portion of these photos we did not have iPhones to take them (we might not be young). We had to rely on people bringing their digital cameras and uploading them and tagging the photos online. I never had a camera so I had to rely on the people around me until about photo number 13 so everyone just be cool.


  1. Winter 2008 (our first photo) 

Vic first photo Jan 13 2008

Look at our baby faces. So young and fresh, I remember this was a party at Sigma Chi in January and we did not wear coats which looking back was ridiculous. This was back when Vic would carefully measure her shots into her pop so she could keep tally.


 2. Fall 2008 (Halloween) 

Halloween Sophomore year

Now we are 19 and just abysmal people. I don’t smoke and never did but was wasted and in case you weren’t reading carefully was an abysmal person. I remember this semester because it was the only time we took a class together. It was Art History and I spent most mornings convincing Vic it would be better to skip and watch The Price Is Right and eat hamburgers in the caf.

If you pay attention to context clues you can guess that class wasn’t actually very early but like I said before: abysmal person.


 3. Fall 2008 (Alexis’s Birthday) 

Lex birthday sophomore year

This was just a week later at our friend Alexis’s birthday party at MSU. We did pudding shots for the first time and acted accordingly.


 4. Christmas 2009 

Junior Year Xmas

This was Christmas of junior year. The theme was “Classy Christmas” If you look carefully you can see I’m drinking out of a Hannah Montana cup so you can pretty much draw your own conclusion to how the night went.


 5. Winter 2010 

Junior Year SpringJunior Spring pr 2

This was right after I moved back to WMU after taking a semester off and we were just glad to be reunited.


 6. Spring 2010 (My 21st) 

21st birthday

This is the only picture where I included other people but it’s such an auspicious moment because while this is my 21st birthday it’s also Victoria’s half birthday. So we are definitely making sure to celebrate that as well.


 7. Fall 2010 (Victoria’s First Legal Drink) 

First legal drink for vic

Awwww Shakespeare’s Pub, were we both had our first legal drink at midnight. Such a special place.


8. Fall 2010 (Victoria’s Birthday Party) 

21st birthday party

It was 2010 so I’m trying to get Victoria to “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”


kissing through the phone

This is me getting her to do it


 9. Christmas 2010 

Fall 2010

We are older now so we are trying to get more dignified which means not getting super wasted in the pregame phase.

Fall 2010 pr 3

Okay so it didn’t go great.

Fall 2010 pr 2

Yeah…well maybe next year.


10. Winter 2011 (Mega’s 21st Party Bus) 

Mega Party bus 21

Fun fact: The next day we will play Tony Hawk on an air mattress and fight to the death over a red Gatorade in the worst hangover ever. We also tried to commit credit card fraud this night.


11. Winter 2011 (Girl Talk Concert) 

Girl Talk 2011

I remember this winter distinctly because it’s when Victoria went through one of her brunette phases.


12. Spring 2011 (My 22nd) 

My 22nd

A sophomore called me old at this party. I was literally 22.  Also her hair is already starting to lighten up.


13. Fall 2011 (Victoria’s 22nd/First Real GR Visit) 

First GR Visit

This was our first year apart. I moved back to Grand Rapids and Victoria went home to Farmington Hills. This was one of her first visits and we went out for her 22nd birthday.


14. Halloween 2011 

VIc halloween fail

Just a few weeks later we had this amazing Halloween Party and my group of friends did a Pokemon theme. I tried to get Victoria to be Meowth because spoiler alert she is always a cat for Halloween.


me mad pr 2

She came as Dorothy and she is still living that missed opportunity down but at least her hair is it’s classic blonde.


15. Christmas 2011 

Christmas 2011

We are starting to look more adult, and I think this is when I learned how to grow a beard.


16. Winter 2012 (Sam’s Birthday) 

Sam's birthday 2012

This was the visit I feel like we all worked on trying to get Victoria to move to Grand Rapids.


17. St. Patty’s Day 2012

St Pattys 2012

Unseasonably warm and the best St. Patty’s to date.


18. Fall 2012 (Victoria’s 23rd Birthday) 

Vic first GR Bday 2012

Victoria had just moved into an apartment with me and our friend Alexis and we are celebrating her first Grand Rapids birthday.


19. New Year’s Eve (Reigning in 2013) 

Reigning in 2013

Billy’s Lounge and the later pictures of that night are painful.


20. Spring 2013 (My 24th Birthday) 

My 24th

Meanwhile Bar and my first birthday as roommates


21. Bonnaroo (Day 1) 2013

Bonnaroo day 1 2013

This was our first full day at Bonnaroo we were so full of energy even though I can already see my sun burn forming in this picture.


Bonnarroo immersed

Day 2: A little more sweaty but still having fun


Bonarroo go home

Day 3: Zero sleep, very hot, had sunblock in my eye


22. New Year’s Eve (Reigning in 2014)

Reigning in 2014

I aspire to lose 15 lbs just so I can wear that sweater again.


23. Winter 2014 (Our Fist Instagram Photo)

First instagram maybe

Billy’s Lounge and I can’t be 100% accurate but I think this is our first official Instagram photograph. Now if that isn’t a painful millennial statement, I don’t know what is


24. Fall 2015 (Alexis’s Wedding) 

Lex Wedding

I gave a speech inspired by One Tree Hill and Victoria played the piano. If you have been paying attention you will take note that it’s the same Alexis where we did our first pudding shots. #growingup


25. St. Patty’s 2016 

St patt 2016

I know later on this day I’ll do the worm on cement.


26. Fall 2016 (My brother’s wedding)

Brothers wedding

I mean not saying we were the cutest couple there but we might have been the cutest couple there.


27. Spring 2017 (Katie’s Wedding) 

katie's wedding

This was a month before we were going to move in together again and reunite the band.


28. Summer 2017 (Wilderness Trip) 

Wilderness 2017

Just this past August at my family and friend’s annual camping trip.


So there you have it folks. 28 photos for 28 years of Victoria being alive.For me its been 10 years with a great girl, and I’m hoping for many more decades to go. Happy Birthday Victoria! I love you!



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