How Coastal Drift Might Have Been The Quarter Quell

As many of you know from an obscene amount of pictures on Facebook I recently lead another Bike&Build trip. This trip was called ‘Coastal Drift’ and it involved biking from Maine to NYC in roughly three weeks. This was my second trip with Bike&Build and this trip was beyond amazing but did feel like I was stepping back into the arena from the Hunger Games.

First of all you have the returning lethal lovers from the first games with Ellie Trent starring as Katniss Everdeen and myself as Peeta Mellark. We both had lead a trip in 2015 together and were reaped together for this summer, much like Katniss and Peeta doing two consectutive games.

That one on the right is us about to do route meeting if you can’t tell.

And we both have had this breakdown towards each other.


Caroline Grady our fellow leader was starring as Johanna Mason. Caroline had done Bike&Build back in 2010 so she was older alum/victor like Johanna. Now truth be told Caroline is sweet as hell and the main point of this comparision is that I know she could wield an axe like a badass.

You are crazy if you think she can’t do that.


Ian Christie was our fourth and final leader and was our resident Finnick Odair. Honestly because we all know they are both cute af.

We’ve all seen that face on him.

Our faithful leader of our adventure was Claire Collins and if you know Claire (which you should) calling her Haymitch Abernathy is the best comparision. Both are charming and have straight blonde locks. Also there is a notable point in the summer where Claire gets to a District 12 level of hygiene.


Even though she is from the first games, Rue made an apperance in the form of Iyana Williams.

I also once dressed up like this…


Obviously my trip was lovely and nothing like a murder competition but we did travel to exotic locations and eat weird stuff. Alliances form, people fall in love, and all we really want is to finish with a sense of pride and accomplishment (again not in a murdery way).

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